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 MONTHLY BULLETIN October 2005 - For Members Only

Election of Office-Bearers for the Year 2006 - 2007

To All Members:

Nomination to the Office of:

a. Board of Directors

2006 - 2007

b. Internal Auditors

2006 - 2007

Rule No. 64 states : A member who is qualified to stand for election to a post shall cause a nomination paper to be submitted to the Foreman of the Panel of Scrutineers by 12.00 noon on the 31 of December of each year. A member shall stand for election to one post only.

The following officials of the Society are due to retire at the forthcuming Annual General Meeting.


1. Mr. Wong Har

Retires under By Law 35(2)

1. Mr Lim Boon Chong

Retires under By-Law 35(1) but eligible for re-election

2. Mr. Tan Kuan Ghee

2. Mr. Lim Seong Hoon

Internal Auditors

1. Mr Narayanan K Nair

Retires under By Law 50(2)

1. Mr Chew Swee Chin

Retires under By Law (1) but eligible for re-election

2. Mr. Choo Eng Chye

3. Mr Ng Kooi Chew

4. Mr Chin Fook Wah

5. Mrs Francis Teh Ah Seng

The following Directors will continue to serve through 2006/2007:


Mr Goh Seng Kee


Mr Wilfred Ewe Kheng Heang

Vice Chairman

Mr Yeap Theam Oon

Mr Teh Kim Kow

Mr Yeoh Thean Hoe

Mr Tan Guan Cheng

Mr Lee Lat Heng

Mr Poh Tian Hooi

Members are advised that nomination forms are obtainable from the Secretary of the Society at No. 1-G King Street, Penang (Tel Nos. 2610129/222) and that all forms shall be submitted by 12.00 noon on Saturday, 31 December 2005.

By Order,
Dated this 2nd day of November 2005