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 MONTHLY BULLETIN August 2006 - For Members Only


Applications for the above loan are invited. Members must have at least five years continuous membership to be eligible. If a member is applying on behalf of his child, he must be a member of the Society for at least ten continuous years.

Application forms are available at the office and the closing date is 30 August, 2006.

The amount of loan advances is subject to the following limits:-

for 1 year course


for  a 4 year course


for 2  year course


for 5 year course


for 3 year course


for 6 year course


View Education Loan Form >

RM50.00- Discount RM1.00

RM100.00 - Discount RM2.00

RM50.00 -
Discount RM1.00

RM100.00 -
Discount RM2.00

RM30.00 -
Discount RM1.00

RM60.00 -
Discount RM2.00

RM50.00 -
Discount RM1.00


We have been informed by Akauntan Negara that they are in the process of changing their computer system from tape to compact disc drive. As a result, the omputer is unable to accept changes made to the July, 2006 deduction. Arising out of this, some members may face the inconvenience of having to call at the office either to claim their refund for excess deductions made or to make payments for insufficient deduction for the month of July, 2006. The affected members fall into these categories:

1. New members whose deductions commenced in July, 2006.
2. Members who have taken loans / schemes and whose first deductions for the month of July 2006.
3. Members who had finished payment  or settled their loans until June, 2006.

We regret for the inconvenience caused and also wish to thank members for their patience and co-operation. We are especially grateful to those who call at the office to pay their short deductions.