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Greetings to all members,

   We have passed the second quarter of the year and with the newly elected office bearers, we are now ready to move on with our goals and plans. We are now entering a new era of management and with this new Board comes new aspirations, new ideas and a paradigm shift. For the period of October 2006 till March 2007, we have made a profit of RM719,705.22 and I believe we have to strive even harder to bring about better dividends. Loans to members have declined continuously. At the close of the financial year of 2006, the Society had a paid up capital of RM24,291,164.21 against RM5,544,506.05 in the Share Capital Account. With the approval of the AGM to transfer an additional RM1,000 from every member's Subscription Account into the Share Capital Account, the Society will now have more fund to diversify into other businesses and projects as alternative sources to generate more income.

    From this year onwards, members can now withdraw 80% of their subscriptions for the purpose of performing pilgrimage. This is in addition to the benefits already existing under the withdrawal facility. The quantum for subscription loan has also been increased to RM10,000.00. However, the proposal to increase the repayment period for the various loans was not approved by the AGM.

    I call upon members to avail yourselves of the various facilities, schemes and services provided by the Society and to participate actively in all its activities.

    Your Board will always strive to ensure that members are provided with efficient and quality services.

To all members: "Happy Teachers' Day".