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MONTHLY BULLETIN - February 2009 - For Members Only

Members are requested to take note of the following procedures for withdrawal of dividend.

1. Do not submit the dividend withdrawal form if you have already done so the previous years as your withdrawal option has already been registered in the computer system of the Society.

2. Those who have not applied to withdraw their dividend previously but wish to do so now are to complete the dividend withdrawal forms and submit them to the office for registration.

3. Please inform the Co-opperative in writing of any change in your bank account number to enable us to update your record of paying dividends.

a. CIMB (formerly Southern Bank Berhad & Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad)
b. Public Bank Berhad
c. Maybank
d. Am Bank

The Office will be closed for the Chinese New Year holidays

    from 26 January till 29 January 2009
    and on 3 February 2009

Members intending to increase their subscriptions may do so now. There is a prescribed form for completion and the last day for submission of the form is on 30 April 2009. The maximum subscription allowable is RM150.00 per month.

  A reminder to retired members regarding By Law 20 3(b).
  Please ensure that your subscriptions plus shares capital do not fall below RM3,100.00.
  If your subscriptions plus shares capital are below RM3,100.00, please top it up.

The Co-operative is proposing to implement some standing rders for conducting the 77th AGM in an effort to expedite and facilitate the smooth running of the meeting.

   A three man Standing Orders Committee shall be appointed.

   The Standing Orders will be presented at the forth coming AGM for adoption.