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MONTHLY BULLETIN - October 2009 - For Members Only

In October 2009 Deduction

We regret to inform members that the Akauntan Negara’s computer is unable to accept changes made to the October 2009 deduction. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the effected members for the incorrect deductions (insufficient / excess deduction).

Those with insufficient deduction will be informed by letters to settle the amount by cheques or by cash payments to the Co-operative and those with excess deduction, the excess payments will be credited to the members’ specific accounts and can be withdrawn when you call at the office.

Retired Members
To Top Up The Subscription

A reminder to retired members regarding  By-Law No. 21 3(b). Please ensure that your subscription does not fall below RM 2,100.00. If your subscription account is below RM 2,100.00, please top it up. ( RM 2,000.00 is the minimum subscription required to retain your membership and RM 100.00 for deduction for the Death Benefit Fund).

This ruling is not applicable to retired members whose applications to continue membership were approved before December 1996.