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GENERAL CIRCULAR - November 2010 - For Members Only

Nomination To Office For Year 2011/2012

    A. Vice-Chairman         :  2011 / 2012
    B. Board of Directors  :  2011 / 2012

Rule No. 64 states:

A member who is qualified to stand for election to a post shall cause a nomination paper to be submitted to the Foreman of the Panel of Scrutineers by 12.00 noon on the 31 of December of each year. A member may stand for election to one post only.

The Following officials of the Co-operative are due to retire at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

Vice Chairman

Mr Tan Guan Cheng

- Retired under By-Law No.36(1) but eligible for re-election


Mr Wilfred Ewe Kheng Hean


Mr Wong Har

}- Retired under By-Law No.36(1) but eligible for re-election

Mr Tan Tat Hiong


The following Directors will continue to serve through 2011 / 2012


- Dato’ Tan Gin Soon 


- Mr Teh Kim Lye


- En Mohd Haniffa B Hamid

- Mr Yeap Theam Oon

- Mr Lim Ming Tzong

- Mr Narayanan K Nair

- Mr Teh Ah Seng nee Chin Chin Mooy

- Mrs Lily Cheong

Members are advised that nomination forms and SKM forms are obtainable from the Secretary of the Co-operative at No. 1-G, King Street, Penang (Tel. Nos: 261 0129 /  261 0222) and that all forms shall be submitted not later than 12.00 noon on Friday 31 December 2010

By Order

Tan Kim Lye

SKM To Vett Candidates for Co-operative Election

Candidates for the election to the posts of Board Members of our Co-operative for the new term 2011/2012 will now be subjected to vetting by Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia, Penang.

This requirment is contained in a letter from SKM dated 19 February 2010 which informed the Co-operative that it is implementing Sub-section 43(2) and (3) of the Co-operative Act 1993 where candidates seeking election or re-election to the posts of Board Members are required to complete the following forms.

    a. SKM/BP (Maklumat Peribadi Calon ALK)
    b. SKM/TAP/KEW (Sekiranya perlu) Tapisan Kewangan Calon ALK

Those completed forms will then be required to be submitted to the office of SKM, Penang for vetting and approval.