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MONTHLY BULLETIN - June 2011 - For Members Only

79th AGM and Annual Dinner

Our Co-operative had successfully concluded its 79th Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner, the two major events for the financial year ending 30 September 2010.

The 79th AGM was held on 27 March 2011 at the Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society, 360 Jalan Macalister, Penang. A total of 1799 members attended the meeting. Also present at the meeting was Encik Huzaini b. Md. Hussin, Pembantu Ehwal Ekonomi, Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia Negeri Pulau Pinang.

The Annual Dinner was held on 16 April 2011 at Restauran Wang Chao, Gurney Drive, Penang. A total of 610 members and guests attended the dinner. The Guest of Honour for the night was Yang Berhormat Professor Dr. P. Ramasamy. Deputy Chief Minister (2) of Penang.

For this year, 13 members with membership of 50 years and above with the Co-operative were invited to the Dinner as guests of honour in appreciation of their long standing membership with the Co-operative.

Our former Chairman Mr. Ho Wah Chiew was given the honour to deliver a speech at the dinner and as usual, there were prizes galore and every member present received a table prize in addition to the opportunities of winning individual prizes.