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MONTHLY BULLETIN - January 2014 - For Members Only

"Nomination To Office"

06 January 2014
To: All Members


(A) Vice-Chairman        - 2014/2015
(B) Board of Directors   - 2014/2015

Rule No. 64 states : A member who is qualified to stand for election to a post shall cause a nornination
paper to be submitted to the Foreman of the Panel of Scrutineers by 12.00 noon on the 31 March of each year. A member may stand for election to one post only.

The following officials of the Co-operative are due to retire at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting..

Vice Chairman

Mr Yeap Theam Oon

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(1) but eligible for re-election


Mr Tan Tat Hiong

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(2)


Mr Wilfred Ewe Kheng Hean

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(2)

Mr Wong Har

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(2)

The following Directors will continue to serve through 2014 / 2015


Mr. P. Kanagarajah


Mr. Tan Guan Ghee


Mr. Santokh Sing

Mr. Ng Kooi Chew

Mr. Lim Seong Hoon

Madam Betty Wong

Madam Wong Chui Ping

Madam Wong Chiew Lee

Members are advised that nomination forms and SKM forms are obtainable from the Secretary of the Co- operative at No. 1-G, King Street, Penang (Tel. Nos.: 2610129 / 2610222) from 27 February 2014 and that all forms shall be submitted to the Foreman of Scrutineers not later than 12.00 noon on Sunday, 31 March 2014.

By Order,
Tan Tat Hiong


It's the season for Greetings

Greetings from the Board and Staff to all our Members.

A belated "Happy Deepavali" to our lndian Members, "Merry Christmas" to all who celebrate Christmas, "Happy New Year" as we usher in 2014 and "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to our Chinese Members.

We are bidding farewell to 2013 on a high note as we have just inked a deal with East West One Consortium Bhd to invest RM1,'177,760.00 in an Oil Palm Planter's Scheme.

Hardly has the ink dried up on paper, we received an instant yield of RM19,980.00 being the company's promotional gift and an additional return of RM 1 1 ,777.60 being the incentive on our investment.

We are of the opinion that this investment scheme is a secure and attractive venture as your capital outlay is returned at the end of the 8th year.

Hence we propose to conduct a seminar for members on investment in this Oil Palm Planter's Scheme.

The details are announced in this bulletin.

Thank you.


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