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MONTHLY BULLETIN - May 2015 - For Members Only

83rd Annual General Meeting

Sunday 28 June 2015
9.30 am
Sekolah Menengah Han Chiang
Jalan Han Chiang, 11600 Penang

  Nominations For The Election of Board Members 2015/2016

The Foreman of the Panel of Scrutineers announced that the following candidates would be contesting in the election of Board Members - 2015/2016 when nominations closed at 12.00 noon on 31 March 2015




Vice Chairman

1. Sdri.  Betty Wong


2. Dato' Tan Gin Soon

Board of Directors

1. Sdri. Wong Chui Ping



2. Sdr. Teh Kim Kow



3. Sdri. Choong Sau Hoe


4. Sdr. Ng Kooi Chew

5. Sdr. Tan Kuan Ghee

  Annual General Meeting

Date & Venue of 83rd AGM

The 83rd Annual General Meeting of the Co-operative will be held at

  Dewan Lim Lean Teng,
  Sekolah Menengah Han Chiang,
  Jalan Han Chiang, 11600 Penang

   on: Sunday 28 June 2015
   at: 9.30 a.m.

Registration of Members Attending The AGM
Members attending the forthcoming Annual General Meeting are requested to take note of the following registration procedures:

Registration will commence at 8.00 a.m. and end at 10.30 a.m. SHARP. However, the meeting will start at 9.30 a.m. Only members who have obtained the attendance memo before 10.30 a.m. will be eligible to claim the meeting allowances and participate in the lucky draw.

During registration members must produce their membership cards and identity cards.

At the registration counters, members will be issued the following:

    i.  Ballot Papers
    ii.  Lucky draw slips
    iii. Meeting allowance claim slips.

The nine registration counters to set up are:


Membership Numbers begining  with Letters

No 1

  A. B, D, E, F & G

No 2


No 3

  H, I, J, K

No 4

  L0001 to L0500

No 5

  L0501 & above

No 6

  M, N, O

No 7

  P, Q, R, S

No 8


No 9

  U, V, W, Y, Z

Members who are doubtful as to which counters they are required to register should consult the CONTROL COUNTER set up for this purpose.

New members whose memberships were approved after 28 April 2015 are not eligible to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Members are asked to co-operate by not bringing their spouses who are non-members or their children to the Annual General Meeting. They will not be admitted into the meeting hall as non-members are strictly not allowed at the meeting.

Attend The AGM and Win Attractive Prizes
There will be lucky draws for members attending the 83rd AGM and numerous attractive prizes are up for grabs.

Upon registration, a member will be issued a lucky draw slip. Detach the portion with the words printed 83rd AGM Lucky Draw No. and drop it into the Lucky Draw Box in the meeting hall. Retain the other portion for verification purposes. The draws will be conducted at different intervals during the meeting. Members must claim their prizes themselves. The decision of the Board shall be final.

Meeting Allowance

  • Meeting allowance will be paid to members who attend and stay through the meeting.

  • Eight counters will be set up to distribute the meeting allowances. Immediately after the adjournment of the AGM, members may go to the nearest counter to claim the meeting allowances.

  • A member can only claim his or her own meeting allowance. A member CANNOT claim the allowance on behalf of spouse or other members.  Please take note that this ruling will be strictly enforced.

  • Members must complete the details required on the meeting allowance vouchers. Members with incomplete vouchers will have to complete the vouchers and queue again to collect the meeting allowances.

  • All meeting allowances must be claimed within an hour after the adjournment of the 83rd AGM. No late claims will be entertained.

Through This Bulletin And The 83rd Annual Report, The Co-Operative Is Deemed To Have Served Ample Notice To Members On The Strict Enforcement Of The Procedures For Paying Meeting Allowances Whereby Each Individual Member Can Only Collect His / Her Own Allowance.

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