MONTHLY BULLETIN October 2021 For Members ONLY

89th Annual General Meeting

The 89th Annual General Meeting of the Koperasi Guru Pulau Pinang Berhad will be held at

  St Xavier's Institution, Lebuh Farquhar, Pulau Pinang
  on Sunday 28 November 2021 at 10.00 a.m.

  Registration will commence at 8.00 a.m. and close at 10.30 a.m. sharp.

Registration of Members Attending the 89th AGM

Due to the outbreak of the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the Movement Control Order by the Government, the Koperasi is required to follow strictly to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the Government.

All members attending the AGM at St. Xavier's Instituition, must observe SOP and guidelines as required by the Government of Malaysia and non-complying members will be responsible for payment of any penalty or fine levied by the authorities for non-compliance.

Therefore members who wish to attend the 89th AGM are required to take note of the following procedures:


The "Attendance Memo" and "Travelling Allowance Voucher" is printed in this bulletin for your completion


Please detach the portion "Attendance Memo/Payment Voucher", complete all particulars and bring along with you to the AGM for registration (to expedite registration)


Please cooperate to allow temperature check at the entrance of the venue. Hand sanitizer will be provided.


Only members who had been fully vaccinated (14 days after 2nd dose), with their vaccination status updated in "Mysejahtera" will be allowed entry.


Please wear your face mask at all times in the premises.


Upon completion of the above, you can proceed to the registration counters.


Kindly cooperate by following physical distancing as required under the SOP. To maintain 2 meters social distancing between members.


Nine registration counters wll be set up:

Counter 1  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters A, B, D, E, F and G.

Counter 2  :

Membership numbers beginning with letter C.

Counter 3  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters H, I, J and K.

Counter 4  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters L0001 to L0800

Counter 5  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters L0801 and above
and also membership numbers with letter M.


Counter 6  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters N and O.


Counter 7  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters P, Q, R and S.


Counter 8  :

Membership numbers beginning with letter T.


Counter 9  :

Membership numbers beginning with letters U, V, W, Y and Z.


New members whose memberships were approved after 31 August 2021 are not eligible to attend the 89th Annual General Meeting.


At the registration counters, no ballot papers, lucky draw slips and meeting allowance claim vouchers will be issued this year as all candidates standing for election were returned unopposed. The travelling allowance of RM80.00 for attending the 89th AGM will be credited into your bank account.


In order to follow the SOP strictly, only 250 seats are available in the meeting hall.


Only members and working staff are stricltly allowed to attend the AGM.


Any questions pertaining to the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Coop Office, one week before the scheduled date of the AGM.