Members are requested to take note of the following procedures for withdrawal of dividends.  All the dividend withdrawal form is made available via our PTCS's website,

lf you have yet to register your bank account with us and wish to make withdrawal of your dividend, please do so immediately by completing the dividend withdrawal option so as to enable us to credit the incoming and future dividends directly into your designated bank account. Following the amendment to By-Law No. 66(2), dividends on Subscription and Share Capital not withdrawn after 30 days from the date oi Annual General Meeting will be credited into your PTCS's "Simpanan Khas" account.
DO NOT SUBMIT the dividend withdrawal form if you haye already done so in the previous years as your withdrawal option had already been registered in the computer system of the Co-operative.

Please inform the Co-operative in writing of any changes in your bank account number to enable the Co-operative to update your record. Listed below are the names of the FOUR banks where the Co-operative had made arrangements for the direct method of paying dividends.

    a. CIMB
    b. Public Bank Berhad
    c. Maybank
    d. AmBank


Registration will commence at 8.00 am and end at 10.30 am SHARP.  However, the meeting will start at 10.00 am. Only members who have obtained the attendance memo before 10.30 am will be eligible to vote and claim the meeting allowances. The travelling allowance of RM 80.00 for attending the 90th AGM will be credited into your PTCS's "Simpanan Khas" account (NB : not your personal bank account).

Please take note that the Co-operative has ceased allowing withdrawal of meeting allowance by cheque. However, should you require withdrawal of meeting allowance by cash, members may proceed to our PTCS main office at 1-G King Street, 10200 George Town, Penang for above purposes between 24th August to 23rd September 2022.

As a Co-operative that calls for eco-friendliness, a soft copy of the annual report is made available via our website, and telegram. However, should you require a printed copy, please contact the PTCS office via email, telephone or collect personally on or after 1st August 2022. The printed copy will be sent to you by ordinary post upon receipt of your request.

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