BHP Service Station, Anson Road.


Jalan Anson, Penang

For Every RM100 CASH spent at BHP Service Station
We give you back a rebate in CASH of RM2.00.

This offer is also to Credit Card Users
(1% Cash Rebate and 1% Rebate from your card provider)

This offer is open to all Members from
Penang Teachers Co-op,
Police Co-op,
Chinese Teachers' Co-op,
Penang Medical Co-op,
Malay Teachers' Co-op,
Penang Govt. Servant Co-op,
School Co-op
and all other co-operatives in Penang.

To Qualify  - Just drop by the station,
and show your co-op membership card,

  (Fill in a one time Application form to verify your status)

Fill up your tank & instantly you will receive your cash rebate.

(Terms & Conditions Apply)