Forms for Download

  All application forms pertaining to Loans, Awards, Grants and membership are downloadable for viewing & are interactive pdf files. You can open it with your internet browser and key in your particulars directly and print it for signing or save to a file.

*Forms with a watermark "Sample Form" are only for viewing and reference. Call at the Office for the original copy.

Authorisation To Bank In Cheque
BHP Koperasi Associate Membership
Consumer Purchase Scheme
Dividend & Bonus Share Withdrawal
Education Loan Fund
Emergency Loan *
Family Special Loan *
Join Membership *
Kam Cheng Yeong Gold Medal Award
Renewal of Road Tax / Insurance
Retiree - Application to Continue Membership
Retiree - Withdrawal of Subscription
Subscription Increase / Decrease / Stop / Open
Subscription Loan *
Surety Loan *
Tyre / Battery / Repair Loan
Withdrawal of 80% Subscription

Loan Repayment Chart (Zip format)

All the forms are in PDF format
You need a pdf app to view and key in directly.

Note: The Loan Payment Chart
is in Zipped format.