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MONTHLY BULLETIN - August 2009 - For Members Only

Our Co-operative was awarded a 4-star ranking out of a maximum of 5 by Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM). This was revealed in the findings released by the SKM after an in-depth examination it carried out on our Co-operative.

A team consisting of four officers from the Kuala Lumpur Head office of SKM was at our Co-op from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily for more than two weeks commencing from 15 June 2009 to 2 July, 2009 to carry out a thorough and intensive “Due Diligence Examination” of our Co-op.

The aim of the examination is to evaluate the over-all performance of the Co-op and its financial status.

The ranking of the Co-op is determined by assessment of the following six components:

1. Financial Structure
2. Liquidity
3. Asset
4. Management
5. Earnings    
6. Technology Information   

1. Effective Financial Structure
2. State of Liquidity
3. Quality of Asset
4. Competency and Commitment of Board  Members & Management
5. Profits & Income
6. Effectiveness of the Information System

An elated Chairman, Dato’ Tan Gin Soon is quick to add that this achievement is due mainly to the effort and hard work of the Board members and the staff with the full support and co-operation of members.

He says that the examination has confirmed the Co-op has a good foundation, stable, well managed and has a sound financial structure. He says, “Last year our Co-op was ranked 39 out of the 100 best co-operatives in the country and now comes the 4-star ranking. This ranking should serve as an inspiration for the Co-op to work towards achieving excellence both in the management of the Co-op as well as service to members.”