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MONTHLY BULLETIN - August 2009 - For Members Only

Applications for the above loan are invited. Members must have at least five years continuous
membership to be eligible. If a member is applying on behalf of his child, he must be a member
of the Society for at least ten continuous years.

Application forms are available at the office and the closing date is 4 September, 2009.

The amount of loan advances is subject to the following limits:-

       For a 1-year course     RM2,500.00
       For a 2-year course     RM5,000.00
       For a 3-year course     RM7,500.00
       For a 4-year course     RM10,000.00
       For a 5-year course     RM12,500.00
       For a 6-year course     RM15,000.00

The Education Loan Fund Panel will select recipients each year for this loan and successful candidates will be notified in due course.

 Download Application Form >