MONTHLY BULLETIN April 2021 For Members ONLY


The Panel of Scrutineers met on 31.3.2021 to close the nominations for the election of Board of Directors 202U2022 as according to Rule No. 64 of the Koperasi.

The Foreman announced that the following candidates would be contesting in the election of the Board of Directors 2021/2022 when nomination closed at 12,00 noon on 31.3.2021.


1. Sdri. Betty Wong
 Returned Unopposed

1. Sdr. Tan Tat Hiong
 Returned Unopposed

 To Elect

Board of Directors
1. Sdr. Balasundram Ramanathan


2. Sdr. Santokh Singh

3. Sdr. Chin Fook Wah

4. Sdri. Tham Yoke Mei

5. Sdr. Tan Kuan Ghee

6 . Sdr. Lee Lat Heng

On 2.4.2021 an email was received from Sdr. Balasundaram Ramanathan (candidate No. 1 for Director above) informing the Koperasi that he would like to withdraw from contesting in the coming election.

The withdrawal letter was accepted by the Panel of Scurtineers and the Board was duly informed of the withdrawal.

With the withdrawal of Sdr. Balasundaram a/I Ramanathan, the remaining 5 candidates were deemed elected unopposed as declared by the Panel of Scrutineers.

89th Annual General Meeting

The Board had decided that the tentative date for holding our 89th Annual General Meeting be fixed on Sunday 27 June 2021. As for the venue, it is still uncertain as most Schools / Associations are not prepared to rent out their halls due to the difficulty in enforcing the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) set by the Government.

Besides the venue for the AGM, we also depend on the External Auditors Messrs Norhashimah & Partner to complete the audit of our account for the financial year ending 31 December 2020 for submission to Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia for approval.

The tentative date of 27.6.2027 submitted to Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia for holding the 80th Annual General Meeting is still subjected to the following clearance :

  1) Availability of the hall for holding the AGM.

  2) Financial Accounts ending 31 December 2020 being audited by the External Auditors

  3) Clearance from Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia.

  4) The Movement Control Order set by the Government from time to time.