MONTHLY BULLETIN April 2021 For Members ONLY

The Koperasi is launching another membership campaign named "Members Get Members" campaign 2021.

The Membership Drive is opened from now until 31 December 2021.(extended to December 2022)

We call upon our members to assist recruiting non-members in their schools to be members and get attractive rewards from the Koperasi.

This year rewards are as follows:
  1) RM 100.00 cash reward for each new member recruited.

  2) RM 100.00 cash reward for every new member
      (inclusive of Entrance Fee)

Please refer to the flyer attached for other benefits.

The introducer or recruiter must sign as proposer in the application form and a newly signed up member must retain his or her membership with the Koperasi for a minimum period of one full year.

The reward will be paid upon the first deduction received after the approval of the application.

For further inquiry, please contact the office at Telephone Nos,
      O4-2610129 or 04-2610222