MONTHLY BULLETIN January 2022 For Members ONLY


To All Membars

Nomination to the Office of:
1. Vice-Chairman
2. Directors  

Rule No. 64 of the Koperasi By-Law states: A member who is qualified to stand for election to a post shall cause a nomination paper to be submitted to the Foreman of the Panel of Scrutineers by 12.00 noon on the 31 of March of each year. A member may stand for election to one post only. The following directors of the Koperasi are due to retire at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.


Mr Tan Tat Hiong

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(2)


Mr Lee Giap Chueen

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(1)
  but eligible for re-election

Mr Wilfred Ewe Kheng Hean

- Retires under By-Law No. 36(2)

The following Directors will continue to serve through 2022/2023


- Mr Yeap Theam Oon

- Mr Lim Seong Hoon

- Ms Betty Wong

- Ms Wong Chui Ping

- Mr Tan Kuan Ghee

- Mr Santokh Singh

- Mr Chin Fook Wah

- Mr Lee Lat Heng

- Ms Tam Yoke Mei

Members are advised that nomination forms and SKM forms are obtainable from the Secretary of the Koperasi at No. 1-G, King Street, Penang (Tel. Nos.: 2610129 /2610222) and that all forms shall be submitted not later than 12.00 noon on Thursday, 31 March 2022.

By Order,

Tham Yoke Mei