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MONTHLY BULLETIN - July 2007 - For Members Only

   Useful Infomation on how to apply for membership

   1. Complete the Application Form

   2. Enclose
       i. photocopy of I/C
      ii. one photograph
     iii. photocopy of pay slip

  3. Minimum contribution



Share CapitaL


Group Insurance




 4. Optional contribution
      Dana Restu Crital Illness Insurance
      Skim Sihat Sayang

 Applications for the above loan are invited. Members must have at least five years continuous membership to be elligible. If a member is applying on behalf of his child, he must be a member of the Society for at least ten continous years.

 Application forms are available at the office and the closing date is 30 August
 or download form from website here.

 The  amount of loan advances is subject to the following limits:-

for 1 year course


for 4 year course


for 2 year course


for 5 year course


for 3 year course


for 6 year course


The Education Loan Fund Panel will select recipients each year for this loan and successful candidates will be notified in due course

There have been some amendments to our loan policies governing the number of sureties for loans taken. In an effort to ease borrowings, the numbers of sureties for loans taken have been reduced as follows:

Loan below RM10,000.00

- 2 Sureties

Loan above RM10,000.00

- 3 Sureties

Consumer Purchase Scheme

Less than RM 4,000.00

No sureties required

RM4,000.00 - RM8,000.00

1 Surety

The terms and conditions in respect of eligibility applies and shall be dtermined by the Board of Directors.

The ruling shall take effect from July 2007.