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MONTHLY BULLETIN - September 2011 - For Members Only

The PTCS WEBSITE - www.ptcs.com.my

Enjoy Online Facilities In The Comfort Of  Your Home!

The recent upgrading of the Co-operative computer system has enabled us to truly keep pace with the current IT trends.

In fact, the Pengarah and officials from Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia, in a recent visit to the Co-operative's office , has highly praised and acknowledged that our Co-operative is one of the most

innovative in terms of IT usage, culminating in the Penang Teachers' Co-operative Society being awarded the "Anugerah Inovasi Dan Kreativiti" together with a cash prize of RM10,000.00, a certificate and a

trophy from the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Putrajaya on 9 July 2011 in conjunction with "Hari Koperasi Negara 2011"

From the Co-operative Website, members can browse through our current news, events, activities, announcements etc.

More importantly, members can access their latest statements of accounts and in the near future, apply for the various types of loans/schemes online.

In order to
    a. view your latest statements of accounts and
    b. apply for the various types of loan/schemes online (to be implemented soon), you need to register with the Co-operative Website.

Here is a Step-by-Step registration guide to assist you.

Part One
Creating An Email Account

You need to have a valid Email Account to register with the Co-operative Website. If you do not have one, you can create an Email Account with Yahoo or Gmail which is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Example: Creating an email account with Yahoo.

Step 1: Go to "Yahoo" .....Seach .....Click
Step 2: Go to "Yahoo Mail. The Best Web Based Email" .....Click
Step 3: Go to "Create New Account" .... Click
Step 4: Fill in the required particulars.
Step 5: Select your password ..... Repeat your selected password
Step 6: Go to "In case you forgot your password" column. Fill in the required particulars.
            a. Alternative Email (optional)
            b. Go to "Secret question 1" ..... Click (Select one question and answer)
            c. Go to "Secret question 2" ..... Click (Select one question and answer)
Step 7: Go to "Visual Code" .....type the code as shown ..... Click
            You will get a "Contratulations" message. You have now successfully created an Email Account.
Step 8: Go to "Sign OUt" ....; Click ..... The end.

* Those who already have an Email Account need not go through the process of Part One.

Here is a Step-by-Step registration guide to assist you.

Part Two
Logging Into The Co-Operative Website - www.ptcs.com.my

Step 1: Go to our Co-operative website @ www.ptcs.com.my..... search ..... Click
Step 2: Go to :Penang Teachers' Co-op. Index" ..... Click
    The Co-operative Wesite page appears
Step 3: Go to "Login" at the top right hand corner .... Click
Step 4: Go to "Create Account" ..... Click
Step 5: Fill in the required particulars
            a. Screen Name - Use any name you desire
            b. Email Address (Account_ ..... Use an existing Email or the newly Created one in Part One.
            c. Membership Number - use the number in your membership card
            d. Your new NRIC Number
            e. Your date of birth
            f. Your gender
            g. Test Verification - Type the number displayed
Step 6: Go to "Sign In" .....Click

    A "Thank you for creating an account" message with a given password at the top pannel appears.
Step 7: Enter the given password.
Step 8: Go to "Sign in" ..... Click
    A new page with various links are shown. Select the required link you wish to view.
Step 9: EXAMPLE: Go to "Statement" link ..... Click (wait until loading is complete)
   You can view your statements according to the year you wish by changing the year (as shown in the diagram below)

# It is advisable to change the given password to the one you already have before signing out.

Here is How To Change The Given Password
        a. Go to "Welcome (your name)" at the top right hand corner and chose "My Account" .....Click
        b. Go to "Use Information" and chose "Password" .....Click
        c. Enter the new password you desire
        d. Repeat your new password. You will find at "User Information" a link showing "Password (Modified)"
        e. Go to "Save" at the bottown .....Click
            You will get a message "Your request has been processed successfully"
        f. If you have finished, go to "Back to Guest" at the top right hand corner ..... Click

Step 10: If you have finished viewing, go to "Welcome (your name)" at the top hand corner and choose the "Sign Out" display .....Click

"Happy Registration & Welcome to The Co-Operative Website"

Hurry! Do not procastinate! Register Now
Enjoy The Benefits In The Comfort Of Your Home!

We are giving away token gifts to the first 200 members who visit our Co-operative website and log in to view their own statments at least once, not later than 30 September 2011