MONTHLY BULLETIN April 2018 - For Members ONLY


 Our BHP Petrol Station will be setting up a booth during the AGM on 24 June 2018 for members to sign up for the BHP E-cards. a small token / gift will be gibven for each new applicant.

 BHP E Card Benefits

 1. It is valid at all BHP stations throughout Malaysia.

 2. 1 point for every RM1.00 of petrol pumped.

 3. Points can be used to exchange for goods at the BHP shop.

 4. 950 points for RM10.00 worth of Petrol.

 Additional Benefits for Co-op Members (at Our BHP station only)

 1. A rebate of 2% for petrol paid by cash

 2. A rebate of 1% for petrol paid by credit cards.

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