MONTHLY BULLETIN January 2020 - For Members ONLY

RM10,000.00 CASH BACK

An amount of RM10,000.00 will be allocated as "Cash Back" to those who particpate in the Consumer Purchase Scheme effective from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020.

Members who purchase electrical appliances, diapers or any products under the Consumer Purchase Scheme will be entitled to the "Cash Back".

The Board has decided that a 10% "Cash Back" will be given to those who make purchases from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020. The 10%  "Cash Back" is based on the profit made from the purchases from each member and it will be calculated at the close of the financial year ending 31.12.2020 and will be credited to your Specific Accounts which can be withdrawn anytime from the office.

Examples of the Calculation of  "Cash Back" are as follows:

Member (A) buys the electrical appliance under our Consumer Purchase Scheme and the Koperasi makes a profit of RM50.00 on this transaction.

Member (A) again buys the diapers under our Consumer Purchase Scheme and the Koperasi makes a profit of RM30.00 on this transaction.

Member (A) will be entitled to RM8.00 "Cash Back" on the above two purchases, ie RM5.00 from electrical appliance and RM3.00 from the diapers. So the more you participate in the Comsumer Purchase Scheme, the more  "Cash Back"  you will get.

available at the Koperasi

The following brands are available

(Quality Assured)



Product from USA



Product from Germany



Product from Germany

Members who wish to make extra income can assist their relatives/friends to buy the diapers from the Koperasi and they will be entitled to the "CASH BACK" at the end of the year.