MONTHLY BULLETIN January 2023 For Members ONLY


May the New Year of the RABBIT.
Render love to your heart and health to your body.
Assure peace to your home and joy to your life.
Brace through a life full of wisdom.
Bring forth more meaningful activities.
Instill happiness and hope to your life.
Transform to a life full of success.

The past year 2022 had allowed us to bring together our beloved members with an unforgettable, enjoyable and long awaited Annual Dinner in celebration of the Cooperative 90th Anniversary. ln collaboration with this, attending members were given a beautifully designed hand towel. ln addition, all members were given an anniversary mug to mark the occasion.

To wrap up the year, members were also treated to a subsidized outdoor activity to Kuala Sepetang and a free workshop on Mobile Apps. A Big Thank You to all members who participated. Hope to bring more enjoyable and fruitful activities in the coming year.

To date, we have more than 1000 members participating in our very own Cooperative Telegram. Hope to get the rest of our members to join in so that everyone will get fast and efficient access to news and updates from the Cooperative. Our target is to turn digitalized and paperless in the near future.

Wishing all members a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.

Goodbye 2022
Welcome 2023

Betty Wong