Dato’ Seri Tan Gin Soon

Dear beloved members of the Penang Teachers’ Cooperative Society (PTCS),

Our warmest greetings from the Board of Directors of the PTCS! And we wish each and every one of you great health, abundance of happiness and joyful cheer throughout the year.

The year 2023 saw some changes to the system of conducting the Annual General Meeting of the PTCS.  Thus, we began a new era of using the Delegate System for the AGM of 2023.  As the PTCS has more than 4,000 members, we have 30 delegates from the island (who were elected on 30 April 2013 at the Seberang Perai Area Meeting) and another 30 more from the mainland (who were elected on 07 May 2023 at the Penang Island Area Meeting), making it a total of 60 delegates.

Indeed, SKM has introduced an efficient Delegate system for the nomination of office bearers. This was a first for the PTCS and I believe all went on smoothly, as it finally culminated in the Annual General Meeting which was held on 25th June 2023. As a result of the economic repercussions in the wake of the pandemic, our profits took a dip from RM1,123,680.52 in 2021 to RM802,178.42 in 2022. As things are coming back to normal, we shall look into making positive investments that will generate more profits for the Co-operative.

The office also survived a major reshuffle with the advent of a new Assistant Manager and new clerical staff as well. The turnover of staff was rather frequent, but we weathered the storm well. And presently, we are able to hold the fort well despite the usual ups and downs of the management of a co-operative.  We are confident with younger blood in the office and more efficient technical knowhow, we shall be able to bring this Co-operative to greater heights. 

We have in the works lined up programmes and activities for our members from day trips to tours as well as educational seminars, and digital training which are targeted at making our members IT savvy in keeping up with current trends. Look out for upcoming day trips as well as other tours that we have lined up for you. To sum up, we are looking forward to recruiting more members and welcome them to the fold, in addition to promoting better sales for our Co-operative petrol station as well as the promotion of the HONDA scooters at our operating branches. Do take advantage of our Consumer Purchase Scheme.

Thank You.

Dato’ Seri Tan Gin Soon,
The Chairman..