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 MONTHLY BULLETIN October 2006 - For Members Only

Discrepancy in August, 2006 Deduction

We regret to inform members that the Akauntan Negara's computer is unable to accept changes made to August, 2006 deduction. This similar problem also occurred in the month of July, 2006. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the affected members for the incorrect deductions (insufficient and excess deduction).

Road Tax Renewal Scheme

Renewal of road tax for vehicle can be done through the Society. Members will be issued with cheques to enable them to cash and pay for the renewal at any post office.

The road tax and motor insurance to be renewed should be for a period of ONE whole year. Application must be submitted at least one week before the expiry date and it must be secured by at least one surety.

Members whose motor vehicles are registered under the names of their spouses are also eligible to participate in this scheme. However, for these members they will have to produce the registration cards together with relevant documents when making this application.

Interest at the rate of 7% per annum shall be levied on the total amount advanced by the Society.

The mode of repayment shall be minimum of RM50.00 per month, subject to a maximum of 10 monthly instalments.

Loan Facility - Types of Loans Available

Types of Loans

Maximum Loans








80% of total subscription





    1 year membership





5 years membership





3 months membership

Family Special




3 months membership

Consumer Purchase Scheme




3 months membership

Road Tax

According to road tax/insurance amount


3 months membership

Tyre & Repair




3 months membership

The Society is again associated with HLG Unit Trust Bhd to offer special discounts to members to invest in a newly launched Capital Protected Fund namely the HLG Star Portfolio Fund.

Essentially the HLG Star Portfolio Fund aims for  100% capital Protection at maturity (3 years) and potential returns linked to the performance of global equities and  commodities.

In order to achieve the best return without assuming higher risk, HLG Star Portfolio fund has been specially designed taking into account of the current market conditions below:

 - Healthty Golbal Economic Growth & Strong Corporate Earning.
 - Rising Commodity Prices & Inflationary Concern.
 - Market Volatility.
 - Fund provides exposure to 4 equity indices.
 - Fund rides on tehupside in oil, aluminium and copper prices.
 - Fund provides 100% Capital Protection.

In guarantee only the best return is delivered to the investor, the fund has been designed with a "Look Back" feature to capture the better performance of the 2 selected portfolio. With this feature, the investor need not have to tuess which asset class i.e. equities vs commodities would yield the most promising returns when they invest in this fund. The fund will automatically select the best return out of the 2 portfolio when it matures.

Minimum Initial Investment : RM1,000.00

Below are the past performance based on Back Testing result since 31/7/2002 to  31/7/2006

Minimum Annual Compounded Return    8.27% p.a.
Average Annual Compounded Return      10.94% p.a.
Maximum Annual Compounded Return   14.55% p.a.

For those interested to invest in the funds, kindly approach our society for detail on the submission.

Disclaimer: The Fund is not guaranteed and is subject to investment risk. There may be a dilution of performance due to the Capiral Protection structure being in place compared with a conventional fund without a capital protection..