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MONTHLY BULLETIN May 2016 - For Members Only


Please take note that the co-operative had ceased allowing withdrawal of dividends by cheque. Members are requested to take note of the following procedures for withdrawal of dividends.

1. If you have yet to register your bank account with us and wish to make withdrawal of your dividend, please do so immediately by completing the dividend withdrawal option so as to enable us to credit the incoming and future dividends directly into your designated bank account.

2. Do not submit the dividend withdrawal form if you have already done so in the previous years as your withdrawal option had already been registered in the computer system of the Co-operative.

3. Please inform the Co-operative in writing of any change in your bank account number to enable the co-operative to update your record.

4. Listed below are the names of the FOUR banks where the Co-operative had made arrangements for the driect method of paying dividends.
     a. CIMB
     b. Public Bank Berhad
     c. Maybank
     d. AmBank

  All forms can be downloaded here >>
  or download the dividend withdrawal form only from here>>

Note: Following the amendment to By-Law No. 66(2), dividends on Subscription and Share Capital not withdrawn after 30 days from the date of Annual General Meeting will be credited to the "Simpanan Khas" account.

Increase In Subscription

Members intending to increase their subscription may do so now. There is a prescribed form for completion and the last day for submission of the form is on 10 June 2016. The maximum subscription allowable is RM50.00 per month.

 The deductions for the increase will commence in July 2016.

 Download form here>>