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MONTHLY BULLETIN - September 2016 - For Members Only

 Education Loan Fund

Applications for the above loan are invited. Members must have at least five years continuous membership to be eligible. If a member is applying on behalf of his/her child, he/she must be a member of the Society for at least ten continuous years.

Applications forms are available at the office and the closing date is 30 September 2016.

The amount of load advances is subjected to the following limits;

  For a 1 year course  RM  2,500.00
  For a 2 year course  RM  5,000.00
  For a 3 year course  RM  7,500.00
  For a 4 year course  RM10,000.00
  For a 5 year course  RM12,500.00
  For a 6 year course  RM15,000.00

The Education Loan Fund Panel will select recipients each year for this loan and successful candidates will be notified accordingly.

  download applic form >>