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MONTHLY BULLETIN May 2017 - For Members Only


Please take note that the co-operative has ceased allowing withdrawal of dividends by cheque. Members are requested to take note of the following procedures for withdrawal of dividends.

1. If you have yet to register your bank account with us and wish to make withdrawal of your dividend, please do so immediately by completing the dividend withdrawal option so as to enable us to credit the incoming and future dividends directly into your designated bank account.

2. Do not submit the dividend withdrawal form if you have already done so in the previous years as your withdrawal option had already been registered in the computer system of the Co-operative.

3. Please inform the Co-operative in writing of any change in your bank account number to enable the co-operative to update your record.

4. Listed below are the names of the FOUR banks where the Co-operative had made arrangements for the driect method of paying dividends.
     a. CIMB
     b. Public Bank Berhad
     c. Maybank
     d. AmBank

  All forms can be downloaded here >>
  or download the dividend withdrawal form only from here>>

Note: Following the amendment to By-Law No. 66(2), dividends on Subscription and Share Capital not withdrawn after 30 days from the date of Annual General Meeting will be credited to the "Simpanan Khas" account.

Group Personal Accident Scheme

The Group Personal Accident Scheme which was announced in our 3rd Issue of the Bulletin in the month of September 2016 received encouraging response from our members.

The said Group Personal Accident Scheme was specially designed and undertaken by MPI General Insurance Berhad. This plan will take care of all your financial needs in the event of an accident. It only cost RM0.34 per day to cover up to RM100,000.00 incase of  Death or Permanent Disablement. This scheme also provides coverage for the following:

Medical Expenses


Prosthesis or Wheelchair


Funeral Expenses


Sinseh & Chiropractic Treatment




Hospital Income (up to 180 days)


Snatch Theft


Impotency or Fertility


ATM withdrawal (in aggregate)


ATM withdrawal (in aggregate) RM500.00

The Annual Premium for those under the age of 65 & below is RM121.30 (inclusive of RM10.00 stamp duty).

The premium for those age from 66 to 70 is RM184.90
(inclusive of RM10.00 stamp duty).

For those who are interested in joining, please contact the office (Tel. Nos: 04-2610129 or 04-2610222) for details or call at the office personally.