MONTHLY BULLETIN September 2018 - For Members ONLY


Applications for the above loan are invited. Members must have at least five years continuous membership to be eligible. If a member
is applying on behalf of his/her child, he/she must be a member of the Society for at least ten continuous years.

Application forms are available at the office and the closing date is 21 September 2018.

The amount of load advances is subject to the following limits:

For a 1 year course
- RM2,500.00
For a 4 year course - RM10,000.00

For a 2 year course - RM5,000.00 For a 5 year course - RM12,500.00

For a 3  year course - RM7,500.00 For a 6 year course - RM15,000.00


The application for E-cards received good response from members at the 86th Annual General Meeting held on 24.3.18.

Members who have yet to apply for the E-cards can do so at our Co-operative Service Station
at No. 127 Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang.
Tel: 04 2288207.

The benefits for the BHP E-Card are as follows:

1.  It is valid at all BHP stations throughout Malaysia

2. 1 point for every RM1.00 petrol pumped.

3. Points can be used to exchange for goods at the BHP shop.

4. 950 points for RM10.00 worth of petrol

Additional benefits for Co-op members (Our BHP Service Station Only)

1. A rebate of 2% for petrol paid by cash.

2. A rebate of 1% for petrol paid by credit cards,