MONTHLY BULLETIN September 2018 - For Members ONLY


No Down Payment Required
We have since signed up the dealership iwth Daewoo Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd. to sell their products to our members. It is a Korean Brand and all their products are fully imported. Members interested can place their Order through the Koperasi. Purchases can either be by cash o instalment basis. The instalment prices quoted below are for 48 months; shorter or longer repayment period can be arranged. Please contact the office for details.

  Washing Machine

Model DWF-T8527ELC (8Kg)
Cash Price - RM580.00
Instalment Price - RM14.75  per month

Model DWF-T08W (8Kg)
Cash Price - RM952.00
Instalment Price - RM24.50  per month

Model DWF-T1057 (10Kg)
Cash Price - RM890.00
Instalment Price - RM22.63  per month
  Colour TV

Model L32T60VGA - 32"
Cash Price - RM650.00
Instalment Price - RM16.52  per month

Model U4V870VKA - 43"
Cash Price - RM1,566.00
Instalment Price - RM39.81  per month

Model U55V870VKA - 55"
Cash Price - RM2,406.00
Instalment Price - RM61.16  per month

Model FGT460ENG - 368 Litre
Cash Price - RM580.00
Instalment Price - RM38.28  per month

Model FGT560ENG - 422 Litre
Cash Price - RM952.00
Instalment Price - RM42.91  per month

Model FPNX608FB - 564 Litre (SIDE BY SIDE)
Cash Price - RM3,550.00
Instalment Price - RM90.23  per month
Smart Dryer

Air Conditioner

Note: Prices quoted are subjected to change without prior notice.

The Koperasi will be collagorating with CO-OP 24, a company providing an online purchase platform for koperasi members.

CO-OP 24 offers a wide range of products including healthcare, household appliances, consumer electricals, etc, to Koperasi members at very attractive prices.

All members will be updated with a variey of products from time to time via WhatsApp.

All orders will be done via WhatsApp and your orders will be despatched to your preferred adress.

Payment Method: Cash On Delivery (COD)

Keep an eye for products from CO-OP 24 on your WhatsApp soon!

Those who do not wish to receive the above WhatsApp products offered by CO-OP 24 are required to complete and return the reply proforma or email to Koperasi at so that arrangement can be made not to register your mobile number with CO-OP 24.