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Rules of The PTCS












The Scheme shall be called The Penang Teachers' Co-operative Society Death Beneft Scheme.

Upon the death of a member, a sum of RM2.00 shall be deducted from the subscription members whose names appear in the membership register of the Society at the time the deduction came into effect. This deduction shall be done not later than ONE month after the Society has been informed of the said member's death.

An advance payment of RM1,000.00 shall be made to the next-of-kin or upon registered documented proof of death being produced, and the balance of the due sum shall be paid to the said next-of-kin OR registered Nominee within one month, after deduction of any amounts owing to the Society.

In accordance with Rule No.3, the Board of Directors of the Penang Teachers' Co-operative Society shall have the sole discretion to decide whether payment should be made to the next-of-kin OR the registered Nominee.

No claims shall be allowed for death due to war, civil commotion, riots or sentence by a court of law.

Any member who has been admitted to the Society for a complete year will automatically be eligible for benefits under the Scheme.

The following shall not be eligible:

a. suspended members vide By-Laws No. 20, 21, 22 and 23.
b. members whose resignations from the Society have been
    accepted and approved by the Board of Directors.

c. members who default in the payment of subscriptions or
    loan instalments, whether principal or interest, for more
    than two months.

No Nominee or Executor of the estate as a deceased member shall claim benefit from this Scheme as a matter of right.

No claims under this Scheme shall be entertained later than 6 months after a member's death.

The Scheme may only be suspended or dissolved with the approval of an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


Koperasi Guru-guru Pulau Pinang has just launched our very own group channel. Members are able to get the latest updated information regarding the benefits that they are eligible:
  - loan facility,
  - death benefit scheme,
  - insurance,
  - education grant,
  - seminars,
  - cash discount on purchase scheme & petrol at our BHP petrol station and   
  - special outdoor activities.

All members are welcomed and encouraged to join by clicking the following link
     or scan the QR code provided.
     ( How to scan with a phone )