MONTHLY BULLETIN November 2019 - For Members ONLY

The Membership of our Koperasi has been on the decline for the past few years. From 2014 to 2019, a period of 5 years, a total of 378 members had left for various reasons as against 231 new members who joined the Koperasi.

In the span of 5 years, we have lost 147 members. This worrying trend, if left unchecked will affect the quality of the Death Benefit Scheme.

The Board at its meeting held on 23 September 2019 had decided to launch another membership campaign and it has set a target of recruiting 250 new members. In an effort to achieve the target, a sum of RM25,000.00 has been allocated as cash rewards to members.

The membership drive starts from 01 October until 31 March 2020 or when the target of 250 members has been achieved, whichever is earlier.

As the retiring age of Government employees is now 60, the Board has decided to extend the age of joining the Koperasi from 47 to 50 years.

Those who are nearing the age of less than 50 year old (next birthday) can take this opportunity to submit yor membership application with further delay.

During the campaign period, a member who recruits a new member will receive RM50.00 cash reward. Therefore, if you recruit 20 new members, you will receive RM1,000.00. We call upon all members to play their part in helping to recruit new members in their schools and at the same time avail themselves of the cash rewards.

New members who sign up during this campaign period will be exempted from paying the entrance fee of RM50.00.

The introducers or recruiter must sign as proposer in the application form and a newly signed up member must retain his or her membership with the Koperasi for a minimum period of one year.

The reward will be paid upon the first deduction received after the approval of the application.

New member with one year membership will be eligible to apply for the following loans:

1. Surety Loan
-  Up to RM25,000.00
2. Emergency Loan -  Up to RM 3,000.00
3. Consumer Purchase / Tour Loan -  Up to RM10,000.00
4. Tyre / Battery / Repair Scheme -  Up to RM 5,000.00
5. Road Tax / Insurance Scheme
-  Up to RM 2,000.00
6. Family Special / Back to School Loan -  Up to RM 1,000.00

On top of the above loans, members who purchase petrol from our BHP Petrol Station at No 127 Jalan Anson, Penang will be eligible for a rebate of 2%.

For further inquiry, please contact the office at telephone Nos
04-261 0129 or 261 0222

For Seberang Perai members who need any assistance, please contact
Director Mr Teh Kim Lye at 016 201 8208