MONTHLY BULLETIN January 2024 For Members ONLY

Message from

Dato' Sri Tan Gin Soon

Dear beloved members of the Penang Teachers’ Cooperative Society (PTCS).

Season’s greetings from the Board of Directors of the PTCS. We wish each and every one of our members A Brand New Year of 2024 and an abundance of joy, happiness, health, wealth and the very best of luck in the new year! And to all members who celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thanks for the support and cooperation shown by all our members all these years. Indeed, it has not been easy, striving in this new era of modern and diversified technologies. Nevertheless, the PTCS is seizing new opportunities based on current market trends as well as embracing new developmental concepts and implementing new strategies to establish a new development geared towards our new journey together in 2024.

We are seeking mutually beneficial cooperation in order to achieve a higher level of development. We are ready to foster better relationships, engage in fruitful cooperation and join hands with other sectors with the common goal of making a greater contribution to the economic and social development of the PTCS and building a better future for all our members.

We had fallen on harder times in the aftermath of the catastrophic Covid-19 pandemic. The repercussions from this unprecedented crisis had affected even the Cooperative’s coffers and we thank God for the solidarity and support shown by our beloved members who have continued to hold strong to the Cooperative’s values and identity and together we shall recover and rebuild a stronger future!

At the previous Annual General Meeting in the year 2023, we experienced major changes to the system of conducting the Annual General Meeting of the PTCS. And we shall continue to use the new delegate system for the Annual General Meeting of 2024. This new year, we are planning more programmes, events and activities like educational seminars and digital workshops, day trips, tours, Meet the Members sessions and the like.

We sincerely hope that our beloved members will continue as members even upon retirement and we look forward to recruiting new members.

Thank You.

Dato’ Seri Tan Gin Soon